Price is for 1 fresh bulblet approx. 1cm in diameter.

Arisaema murrayi var murrayi (Collection number PBR086)

One of the most attractive of all the Arisaema! To the best of our knowledge, we were the first to offer this species for sale in the UK, and are now able to offer material at a lower price.

For many years, this species has been desperately rare in cultivation. We are very pleased to list a small number of dormant bulblets from seed raised plants, originating from material collected by Pascal Bruggemen in India. These bulblets have been raised here in cultivation.

Please keep the collection number in reference. These are bulblets, not fully formed tubers. Our recommendation is to bag these up in just moist vermiculite and wait for them to shoot before carefully potting up as normal. After the first season they should have produced a young tuber up to 2cm in diameter.

The spathes are very beautiful, being white with a violet trim at the opening and a deep purple spadix.

More photos of Arisaema murrayi can be seen on the International Aroid Society Website

£12.00 per bulb

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